Add Notes Field to Autopilot [FEAT - 1248]

:boom: Please Note: I am not the original requestor. This feature request was submitted by another community member in our former (now depreciated) community forum.

It would be useful to have a text "Notes"field attached to Drupal sites in Autopilot, that could show in the tables for "Needs Review’ and “Errors”

Use cases:
-A site that is behind a password, so does not work with Autopilot
-A site where the owner has been informed of code fixes they need to make, that is preventing Autopilot from running
-Other site specific notes that effect Autopilot

-Currently we have to ask Support for errors messages from Autopilot, but it can be a handful to keep track of with large numbers of sites. Having a Notes field would allow those messages to be kept near at hand instead of potentially reopening repeat support tickets, or keep notes for sites with other pertinent Autopilot info.

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